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This section provides various ideas related to final year project of computer engineering, diploma computer, B.C.A, M.C.A, B.Sc IT or M.Sc IT. It provides you detailed description related with each project idea. It contains software requirenment specification of each project idea. All the mobile applications are made using Android Studio, MySQL and PHP.


Download Smart Society Mobile Application in Android

“Smart Society” is a mobile application that is going to be developed for the effective communication between Society Members. As we all know that there are lots of mobile applications are launched every day. Smart Society is one of the mobile application that is designed to provide facilities to the society members which can be utilized using smart phone. This application provides the facility of searching contact information of society members. Using this application one can easily find the contact information of various society members. The notification regarding any events or circulars related with society can be directly received on the smart phone. Announcement of committee meetings is also available on this application. If any society member is unable to attend the meeting he can view the minute of meeting on the mobile application. It also provides the facility of booking community hall directly from mobile application. Society members can check the availability of community hall on particular date and book the community hall. It provides the facility Vehicle Parking management. If any society members has parked their vehicle in no parking zone then an instant message can be send to them for appropriate parking. It provides the dictionary of various service providers located near to society such as electrician, plumber, doctors etc.. So society members can easily contact them in case of emergency. The most important facility provided in this application is security. If watchman found any improper activity he can send an alert message to all society members. Thus “Smart Society” is a mobile application which provides efficient communication between society members , society management and watchman.
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Download School Diary Mobile Application in Android

The “School Diary” system is an approach to improve the current system. It provides an effective parent –teacher communication. This system provides an instant communication with teacher .Basic functionality of our application are: Announcement of event and circular, exam schedule, attendance report, assignment sharing, Timetable, Leave application, Parent note to Teacher, Teacher note to Parent, List of Holidays, Faculty Detail, Result and performance of Student. Thus “School Diary” is a mobile application which provides efficient and cost effective solution for parents regarding their child. The system “School Diary” can be used by any school who wants to make the communication between parent and teacher effective. Using this system parent take care of his child’s study. Parent can also get the regular details of the school. Due to the use of “School Diary” they can make their child’s performance at a good level. Using School Diary teacher can also send complains of the student to the respective parent at that time, so it leads to the improvements of that student. By considering all these factors one can make a school to a smart school.
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Download Leave Management Mobile Application in Android

Objective of the project is to develop an application using which faculty member of the institute can apply for leave and adjust their load directly from mobile application and HOD of their respective department can grant the leave application. Administrator can manage department, leave types, leave balance and employee of the institute.
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Download Food Order Mobile Application in Android

The “Order Food on Click” system is an approach to improve the current trend in typical order processing system in Hotels and restaurant. It provides the facility of placing order directly from the device that is mounted on their table. Customer can explore various food categories and food items along with their description and prize. Customer can directly place an order through the system that is mounted on their table. The order placed by customer is directly send to the device that is mounted in the kitchen. So that the staff in the kitchen can directly view the order placed from customer. After receiving the order kitchen staff prepares the order and waiter will serve the order. Thus “Order Food on Click” is an online web application which provides efficient and cost effective solution for the hotel owners.
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