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Project Summary

Smart Salesman is a mobile application that is going to be developed for Sales Agencies. Generally Sales Agencies recruit salesmen for the marketing and sealing of their products. Sales Agencies distribute their work to the Salesmen area wise. Salesmen take their workload from the Head Office and go for the marketing along with products to their allocated areas. Salesmen take orders from customers in the paper and submit it to the head office at the end of day. Thus all the working is done manually. The idea behind this application is to provide application using which all the sales and marketing work can be done using smart phone or tablet which can be easily carried by salesman. Moreover the task of order taking, bill generation and product marketing can be done easily using this application. Thus “Smart Salesman App” is a mobile application which provides efficient and cost effective solution to the Sales Agenciesfor their marketing and sales.

Purpose: Goals & Objectives


The primary goal of “Smart Salesman” application is to prepare a mobile application that provides the facility of marketing and selling products using smart phone or tablet. The secondary goal of the system is to make all the task of sales online. It means Salesman can take order of customer directly from smart phone and the bill of customer is automatically prepared and send to the Head Office.


Following are the objectives of “Smart Salesman” mobile application:
(1) Distribute works area wise to the Salesman.
(2) Marketing of various products through Smartphone. No need to carry physical products along with Salesman.
(3) Take order from customer directly using Smartphone.
(4) Automatic Bill generation on one click.
(5) Order Submission to the Head Office directly from Smartphone.


The application “Smart Salesman” can be used by all Sales Agencies who are dealing with marketing and selling of products. Using this application work can be easily distributed among salesman area wise. Marketing and order taking can be done easily using smart phone or tablets.


Hardware And Software Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

(1) Processor: Intel Core I3 or above
(2) RAM: 2 GB
(3) Hard Disc: 20 GB

Minimum Software Requirements

(1) Front End Tool: PHP, Android
(2) Back End Tool: MySQL
(3) Development Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, WAMP Server, Android Studio, JDK
(4) Browser: Any browser
(5) Documentation Tool: Microsoft Office 2003
(6) Design Tools: MS Visio


Currently there are several mobile applications available on the Play Store for Salesman. We analyze various mobile applications and discover the functionality provided by that application. In this system Salesman has to collect the list of customer from head office. After collecting customer list Salesman has to visit the store. Salesman can take the order from various store in the printed paper and submit the order to the head office. Thus head office has to collect all the printed order from various salesman and process it manually. Generation of customer bill is done manually which is very time consuming task.


After study of current system we found following problems and weaknesses in the system. Following are the some of the problems and weaknesses of current system:
(1) Current system provides limited functionality.
(2) Work task and client information is collected manually.
(3) Salesman has to carry products for demo along with them which is tedious task.
(4) Bill generation is done manually which is time consuming task.


Hence, there is lots of drawback of existing system we planned to develop a new application that overcomes the problem of existing system. This system provides the facility of taking order of customer directly from mobile application. Salesman does not need to collect customer information from head office. Salesman can saw the demo of product directly within the mobile application so there is no need to collect order manually.
Advantages of New System are given below:
(1) User compatible and easy to update daily report salesman.
(2) Salesman can update customer status directly from mobile.
(3) Reduce workload and time of admin as well as salesman.
(4) Product demo is built within mobile application no need to carry products.
(5) Automatic bill generation facility.
(6) Order reports can be easily generated.


Following are the main modules of the New system along with their functionality:
(1) Administrator

(2) Salesman

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