Basics of C

Character Set of C Language

Character set is a collection of characters that can be used to write a program of particular language. Every language having their own set of characters.
Character set of C consist of letters, digits, white spaces and special symbols.
Following is the list of C character set:

Category Characters
Letters A-Z, a-z
Digits 0-9
White Spaces Blank Space, Tab, New Line, Form Feed, Carriage Return
Special Symbols #  + - * / % & | ~ ! , . : ; $ ^ [ ] { }
( ) < > = _ \ “ ‘ ?

Every C program can be written using above character set.


Keywords are predefined words.
The meaning of all the keywords is already defined by the developer of C Language.
The programmer can not change the meaning of keywords.
Keywords are also known as reserved words. So they can not be used as a name of variable, constant, array, function, structure etc…
In C language there are 32 keywords available. Which are given below:

auto double int struct
break else long switch
case enum register typedef
char extern return union
const flaot short unsigned
continue for signed volatile
default goto sizeof void
do If static while

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